Ian Firth, Ian Firth Hardware Limited

My wife and I had been discussing retirement for years, but as the owners of a successful architectural ironmongers and doorset producers, we could never find the time to plan for the future. With Simon’s help we developed a succession plan to ensure our retirement could confidently become a reality. We have subsequently undertaken each step of the plan, with Simon helping us all the way, to ensure a smooth transition during this period of unprecedented change. Whilst we have by no means completed this changeover, we are now in a much clearer position. Simon’s clear understanding of what was required to help Ian Firth Hardware during this tricky period was central to the success of the succession project. With his help we are able to look to the future with a greater level of clarity. Due to a huge increase in work my construction business was out-of-control. Having all the extra work was great, but I was struggling with managing it all and being on-site assisting with the day-to-day stuff. Simon’s intervention has really helped me grasp what is important to business success, and I now feel that everything is under control. I can foresee a great future ahead. 

Caroline Pearman, Caroline's Cakes

I spent a really valuable day with Simon, reviewing my business and looking at a 3 year plan in terms of strategic growth. I found the session really helpful in getting me to think more ambitiously about business growth, whilst developing it at a pace that suited me. Simon was very effective in challenging the status quo in a supportive way and helped me shape an achievable and sustainable plan. One year on, my turnover has more than doubled and I'm now looking at continued growth in the next two years. Simon helped me gain greater perspective and insight into my business and was able to offer a good balance of challenge and support. This definitely helped kick start the significant growth of my business, so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a session with Simon for a strategic review or in a mentoring or coaching role.

Janice Haigh, Care & Repair Leeds 

With Simon’s help we were able to look at our organisation with “fresh eyes” and guide it through a major transition. As Chairman of a charity in Leeds, I knew we needed to restructure in order to meet the demands of our funders and the requirements of our new contract. Simon quickly understood the needs of our organisation, was able to identify some funding for us, and we were quickly able to set to work. Right from the start, he helped set everyone at their ease and begin to think of the charity as a business. They soon understood that targets, key performance indicators, budgets, performance reviews, structure, etc., were urgently needed for us to stay in business.  Simon explained how these could benefit both them and the organisation, and that a restructure was nothing to be afraid of. Regular meetings were held with the Senior Managers to set targets, monitor progress, and deal with any queries or situations which may have occurred. With Simon’s help and support, we were all able to look at our organisation with “fresh eyes” and guide it through a major transition very smoothly. As a result, we are now in an excellent position to face whatever the future may bring.

Karen Gavin, Silkwood Studios

I originally met Simon at 4Networking. He came to the studio for just a few meetings but in that time he gave me more direction than I'd had for many months. He made me think of what my targets, my goals, my objectives and ultimately my strategy to get where I want to be. We discussed an action plan that has been easy to follow and I am on my way through the plan to achieving it. I would recommend Simon as a business coach.

Lisa Wales, LPD Associates

Simon has a wealth of knowledge about business grants and how to access them. He informed us of one and we were able to obtain 50% matched funding towards the development of a new website to support the online growth of our business. This, combined with his knowledge of strategy and business growth, make him a very useful person to know