Why is training important?

'The problem with SME business owners is that they don’t know what they don’t know'.


This trusim is one of our favourite expressions, and relates to the fact that most business are very good at what they do but lack formal management training.


Consequently many are not achieving their potential as business owners / leaders and suffer from issues such as a lack of confidence, poor time management, imperfect and sometimes destructive inter-personal skills.


Some of those issues can be addressed through one to one coaching but others are better tackled through training courses, and that is where we can help.


With a number of highly experienced and multi-talented associates in our SME Leaders Masterclass team, we are fortunate in being able to offer a wide range of training courses that should appeal to most owners or managers in SME's. 


We can offer bespoke courses to be delivered in-house, or access to one day masterclasses that take attendees from a number of businesses, or indeed a package of support that combines the two.  

At Clear Target we are purely focused on providing services to the SME market, but training is our one exception..........

Our associates have experience in developing and delivering training courses for a range of large corporate and governmental clients, both in the UK and overseas, and our areas of expertise include:

Our current series of SME Leaders Masterclass events are available for booking via Eventbrite.  Please use the event calendar below to browse and register for these events.  


  • Learning development

  • Business analysis

  • Presentation skills

  • Project management

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Team development

  • Performance management

  • Strategy development

  • Time management