What's a customer journey map?

A customer journey map is simply a picture of your business through your customers’ eyes.

Although there are many different variations and styles, they all show the main points of your business that a customer sees as they go through their journey with you.

What’s a customer journey?

The customer journey starts with a prospective customer becoming aware of your business. Normally, they have a need, and they start looking for a way to fulfil that need. They may search online, see or hear an advert, read an article, see something on social media or ask people they know. All businesses have a number of possible touchpoints where a prospective customer can become aware of them.


The next phase (hopefully!) is purchase – all the actions they go through to buy your product or service. What do they have to do, what messages do they get, how easy is it to buy from you?

Then there is the ongoing relationship. This covers repeat sales, queries, referrals, complaints and possible training and (inevitably at some point) leaving.



What's a customer journey map?

A customer journey map helps you spot gaps and issues in the customer journey so you can smooth it out – giving you more enquiries, better conversion and improved customer retention.

Because it’s a picture, it is easy to see where there are issues – and to explain those to other people in your business or external experts you bring in to help.

How do I know if I need customer journey mapping? 

A requirement for customer journey mapping is often identified during the strategy development process and if often starts with comments around the boardroom table like 'why don't we convert more visitors to our website' or such like.

We work closely with Nigel Greenwood of Simply Customer as our preferred partner for customer journey mapping so if you feel that you might benefit from customer journey mapping get in touch with us for a free consultation or contact Nigel direct.