You may have noticed that the business support field is full of professionals calling themselves coach, mentor, consultant, trainer, management consultant etc., and there are a number of different definitions, approaches and qualifications which can be a little bit confusing to the uninitiated.


However, we know from experience that business owners are less concerned about titles and their main concern is engaging with experienced business people with relevant knowledge and good communication skills who they think can help them. For that reason we don’t like to get too bogged down with a particular definition or method, and we vary our approach according to the needs of the client.


The service we perform for clients can arguably best be described as mentoring, however we describe ourselves as 'business coaches' for convenience and consistency, though the actual 'hat' that we are wearing at any given time will depend on the nature of the client engagement. That said, we do believe that business coaching tends to fall into two broad groups, namely a person-centric approach where the coach is focusing primarily on developing the individual alongside their business, and a more organisational approach, where the coach focuses more on issues related to profit and loss, structures, processes and systems.


The honest truth is that there is always overlap between the two approaches so when you are looking for a coach, it is best to find someone who you can trust, respect and communicate easily with; someone who has the skills and experience relevant to your situation and environment.


We unashamedly take a more organisational approach to coaching, which usually sees us advising on the practical aspects of management, strategy, finance and people etc. However, we readily acknowledge the role of the more person-centric coach and we happily refer clients requiring this approach to one of our associates.


If you are unsure what support you need, but know that you need something, let’s have a chat over a coffee and work out the best way to move your business forward.