How we work with a business varies in each case but the following examples will give you a feel for how we can help:


1. We worked with the Directors of a chemical manufacturer to develop an exit strategy which suited all their varying aims. However the strategy development process was so successful that it re-ignited their interest in the future potential of the business. The business is now growing rapidly, highly profitable and the owners are implementing an approach that satisfies each of their requirements.


2. We worked with the up and coming junior partner in a long established architectural practice where succession was clearly defined but problematic. Three years later the strategy is clearer, management tighter, sales are booming, and the succession is complete. More importantly, that junior partner has built up the confidence, skills and systems required to manage future growth as he develops as the leader of the business.

3. We helped with the owners of a medium-sized manufacturing business to develop an exit plan to facilitate their retirement. We worked closely with them to modernise the business and partially fund funded improvements through grant support. Five years later, much work still remains but manufacturing capacity has increased and sales have almost doubled. 

4. We worked with a software developer to unlock the potential of their secure file sharing solution. Led by a self-confessed techie, we helped the management team to step back and re-evaluate their product, their market and their approach. The end result was a clearer sales strategy, improved business development, and a business closer to achieving its potential. 














5. We worked with a distribution business to help project manage their move to new premises. We worked closely with the Director and helped liaise with solicitors, surveyors, contractors and other parties to smooth the way. Although the process became protracted because of issues with other premises, the move was completed without incident, and the business is now located in more suitable premises and ideally placed for future growth.


6. We worked with a small architectural practice that knew where they wanted to go but not how to get there. They had developed expertise in a particular market niche but were struggling to break free of the constraints of their traditional market. Four years later they have developed a clear strategy, improved their pipeline, increased profitability, moved premises, and set an ambitious sales target that is 100% higher than 3 years earlier.

7. We worked with an 80-year old membership organisation to future proof them for the 21st Century and review their raison d'etre. Building on existing strengths, we refreshed their strategy, re-energised the leadership team, and brought new ideas to the table. Their membership is now growing, the direction of travel is clearer, and the organisation can look to the future with optimism.

8. We worked with a local charity to help them sharpen their commercial focus and compete more effectively for a limited pot of Council funding. They emerged from this process leaner, better managed, and better organised, and face future challenges with confidence.