At the core of what we do is problem solving. Some problems are serious, some minor, but all of them are issues which are impeding a businesses' ability to move forward.


We are a big believer in KISS, or Keep It Simple Stupid, because the bigger the business the greater the complexity, and usually not all of that complexity is necessary.


By nature we are collaborative, always seeking to working other business professionals in order to achieve the optimum outcome for a business owner.

We also prefer to start off by taking a holistic view of your business, and then zoom in to focus on particular areas of concern or difficulty. Every business is capable of improvement, and in our experience there is usually more than one reason for poor performance. 

10 reasons to use a business coach

1.       Your view of future success will be more clearly defined

2.       Existing plans are challenged and sense-tested

3.       Expert facilitation develops a realistic strategy

4.       The intended route to success is clearly mapped out

5.       Advice is tailored to individual needs

6.       Clients gain access to a large network of associates

7.       3rd party expertise helps professionalise the business

8.       A fresh pair of eyes provides important perspective

9.       External support provides essential accountability

10.     Good coaches quickly recognise symptoms from causes


About Simon Monaghan

Simon is an experienced leader, manager, business coach and trainer, and along the way he has accumulated 30 years of management experience, and an MBA from London University.


Simon is a proud Yorkshireman, and works on a 'what you see is what you get' approach to personal relationships. Being authentic is vital, and at the root of each engagement is two-way trust, which we work hard to build and maintain in client relationships.


Simon's background is a mixture of government and private sector, with 17 years as an Inspector in the Royal Hong Kong Police followed by 7 years in a medium sized family business and then 7 years as a business coach.